The DVLA are always happy to handle your call. Unfortunately they aren’t there 24 / 7 to answer your questions or to put your mind at ease regarding your motoring worries. We have tried to list what we believe to be the most frequently asked questions for the DVLA.

How long will penalty points remain on my licence?

Penalty points remain on your driving licence for 4 years. They are however only valid for 3 years. You can Call the DVLA for more information on having your points removed.

I have lost / damaged my MOT certificate. What should I do?

You can obtain a replacement MOT certificate from any MOT testing station. In order to do this, you will need your vehicle registration number (shown on your plates). You will also have to provide the original MOT test number, or the V5C certificate number (Issued by the DVLA)

I have had my driving licence stolen. What should I do?

If your licence has ever been lost or stolen, you will know it can be a distressing time.

  • First, report this to the police.
  • Obtain a licence replacement form from the Post Office, DVLA Local office or by calling the DVLA phone number to have a form sent out to you.
  • Send the appropriate fee with the completed form. You will receive your replacement licence in the post.

I have lost my vehicle documents, but I need to tax my car. What should I do?

A situation like this means you will have to Contact DVLA. You will have to contact your local Vehicle Registration Office – call the DVLA phone number on 0843 903 3770 to speak to someone who can help. This is a call connection service, calls cost 7p per minute plus your operator’s access charge. We are not associated with DVLA, free numbers can be found on the official website.