The DVLA have outdone themselves yet again. This time in Bradford – The story starts at a local car dealership where Mr Rehman – garage owner and businessman with 35 years experience – feared his cars were going to be clamped and towed.

Dealers are not required to purchase tax or declare vehicles off-road (SORN). This only has to be done by the time the cars are sold and taken onto the road.

Embarrassingly, the DVLA turned up at Mr Rehman’s garage in full force accompanied by the Police. He mistakenly welcomed the DVLA into his forecourt, thinking they were going to be checking other vehicles as they passed his premises. Mr Rehman was shocked when the one of the DVLA’s representatives pulled out the clamping equipment, saying:

‘I saw the DVLA van park up and I thought I was doing them a favour letting them use my land to check on passing vehicles but then one of my staff told me their were getting the clamps out. I had to stand between them and the cars and stand my ground until they realised they’d made a big mistake.’

Luckily before too much damage was caused to the image of Mr Rehman’s business, the DVLA saw the error of their ways. The DVLA were acting on advice from their database – the cars in Mr Rehman’s garage had been flagged as having no road tax.

It is unknown whether the DVLA have apologised for the embarrassment caused, however a DVLA spokesman is reported to have said the following:

‘On this occasion, upon investigation it was confirmed that the vehicles in question were trade vehicles and so no further action was taken.’

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