If you’re superstitious, you may want to reconsider buying that shiny new set of wheels between March and September this year. The 13 series of registrations are now available to purchase on the DVLA website, and will be fitted to new vehicles as standard.

If you’re the type of person who breaks mirrors and opens umbrellas indoors for fun, then buying your 2013 plate is child’s play. There are a number of ways you can purchase – browse online on the personalised registration section of their website. Alternatively you can contact the DVLA on 0843 903 3770.

Buying directly from the DVLA is surprisingly also the most affordable way to personalise your motor. All of the prices quoted on their website also include the £80 transfer fee as standard – buying from anybody else might mean you pay this as an added ‘extra’. Also, bear in mind that it is illegal to make your car look newer than it actually is (Your 1998 ford escort may look a little unusual with a 2013 plate strapped to the front…) – so don’t buy a 13 plate unless you intend to buy a new car to go with it!

For more information you can Phone the DVLA on 0843 903 3770 who can route your call to the correct department.